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Call for Poets – Ekphrastacy Series

About EKPHRASTACY: Artists Talk + Poets Respond

The Ekphrastacy literary program is a series of artist talks + poetry readings held regularly in the Heights Arts gallery, in conjunction with our special exhibitions. Cleveland-area writers are invited by the current Poet Laureate to view the installed artworks and respond with a poem. Four weeks after the exhibition opens, the artists talk about their work and the poets read their poems, often resulting in a surprising dialogue. Participating poets receive an honorarium of $150.00 for their participation and the commissioning of a minimum of two and no more than four works.

Heights Arts invites poets to apply for our 2019-2010 Season for the following dates:
Deadlines and Dates:
Applications must be received prior to September 15th, 2019
All events are on a Thursday evening and start at 7:00 and poets must arrive by 6:30. Ekphrastacy dates are below:
September 26th, 2019 (August 30th Opening)
February 13th, 2020 (January 17th Opening)
April 2nd, 2020 (March 6th Opening)
May 21, 2020 (April 24th Opening)
July 9th, 2020 (June 12th Opening)
To participate, Poets must:
  • be available and agree to attend the corresponding opening for the event in which you are chosen to participate. This is a chance to see the work at the earliest opportunity and meet the artists.
  • complete and submit work at least 7 days prior to the Ekphrastacy event
  • be a current (or become, if chosen) Heights Arts Working Artist Member (starting at $35.00 per year)
To Apply:

1. Attach a sample of your work, with a minimum of 3 poems and no more than 5 pages of poetry in a single file.

2. Document your background and experience in the art form. If your work has been published, please tell us where, and / or where you have previously performed.

3. Describe how you have been involved in other community arts events, if applicable (but not required)

4. OPTIONAL: a You Tube or other electronic link to a video of you reading your work.