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make your mark

Make Your Mark for the Arts

…a VISUAL REPRESENTATION and archive of the individuals who live in our progressive and diverse HEIGHTS COMMUNITIES.

Make Your Mark for the Arts is our most recent community arts program designed to engage and enrich local residents and businesses. All are invited to express their individual character by creating a personal symbol or “visual signature” on a rubber stamping block. Use your stamp, along with a special Make Your Mark passbook, to exchange marks with over 50 participating Heights area businesses (and earn valuable reward offers as well!).

Engage. Play. Enjoy. Meet your Neighbors!

CREATE YOUR MARK  at one of our workshops, through August, 2014.

LEAVE YOUR MARK at participating businesses

GET MORE FROM YOUR MARK  and win prizes, discounts and more, through December, 2014.



Program Sponsors

The Cleveland Foundation

Cyrus Eaton Foundation

MLG Philanthropic Fund | Simply Charming

Cedar Lee SID

Coventry SID

Cedar Fairmount SID



Make Your Mark for the Arts is another example of Heights Arts’ leadership in community building – engaging the individual parts of the Heights communities in a collective program and purpose. Make Your Mark for the Arts will continue through October, 2014.

Our Community's Marks

  • Simply Charming, Kaitlin Mahon

    Kaitlin Mahon

  • Tiffany Laufer stamp

    Tiffany Laufer

  • Karen Allgire stamp

    Karen Allgire

  • Sue Fleischer stamp

    Sue Fleischer

  • Isabel Trautwein stamp

    Isabel Trautwein

  • Big Fun, Steve Presser stamp

    Steve Presser

  • Mary Hosier stamp

    Mary Hosier

  • Anne Kent, BVU

    Ann Kent

  • Katz Club Diner, Doug Katz

    Doug Katz

  • Jeff Coryell, CleHts City Council

    Jeff Coryell

  • Kathy Blackman Grog Shop

    Kathy Blackman

  • Sharon Grossman

    Sharon Grossman

  • Tanisha Briley, CleHts City Manager

    Tanisha Briley