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Jessica Miroglotta

Jessica MiroglottaJessica has loved art since she was very young, and it was this passion, along with a truly excellent high school art teacher, that brought her to study art in college. She graduated from Miami University with a B.S. in Art Education, and later earned her M.A. in Art Education from Boston University.

She is currently one of the visual art teachers at Lake Catholic High School in Mentor, where she is honored to spend her days teaching a wonderful and enthusiastic group of students all about drawing, pottery, printmaking, and art history.

She began Cards with Quirk in January of 2011, shortly after graduating from Miami, as a way to push herself to continue to create. Since then, she has created designs inspired by the humor and fun that she finds at work with her students every day. She believes that art should be fun and accessible, so she enjoys bringing humorous and unique cards to the people around her.