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Catherine Davies Paetz loves to create wearable art that brings people joy. Her original silver jewelry designs explore playful line work and/or unique surface texture and are often accented with enamel, gold, stones, or pearls.

Catherine has been designing and creating jewelry for more than 35 years and has a BFA in Metals. In recent years, she has rekindled her passion for enameling. Her one-of-a-kind designs and production jewelry can be found in galleries and at fine craft shows.

Artist’s Statement
“There is something magical about the way colorful enamel, metal, and light can be combined. When I make jewelry, I like to think that I’m translating positive energy into joyful objects. I think about the eventual wearer and hope the the piece will bring them joy. Making art is exciting to me, it’s an electric feeling. I always look forward to seeing what the art-making will bring…. as if I’m a conduit for creative energy, open-minded and eager, awaiting the next inspiration. When someone says ‘these are my favorite earrings,’ I actually hear ‘I feel good (happy, joyful) when I wear these.’ Creating things that make people happy makes me happy.”

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