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EXHIBITION: Sideways Thinking


Julianne Edberg


Friday, March 8 – Sunday, April 21, 2019

When we play, we let loose the inspired part of our mind to think sideways instead of logically. Ideas flow more freely. Questions may be raised. Is this an alternate, more fantastic world we are looking at? It is definitely a more fun, more magical place—perhaps less polished, less formal. A childlike openness sparks a connection between hitherto unconnected frames of reference. Creating in this state of mind calms the nerves and provides new perspectives. The artists in this exhibition— Leslye Discont Arian, Catherine Butler, Julianne Edberg, Laurie Garrett, Jenny Mendes, and Melissa O’Grady—take us to alternate, more fantastic worlds. Q: How did you think of that? A: I was just messing around.

Curated by Julianne Edberg

Ekphrastacy: Artist Talk + Poets Respond | Thursday, April 4, 7:00PM

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