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Joyce Morrow Jones – June Visual Artist of the Month

“Within a fast six years, my CV now includes these titles: Mixed Media fiber artist, doll artist, teaching artist, storyteller, author. It seems almost incredible as my practice as an emerging artist is still developing. With my first exhibition in 2016, I feel like playing catch up with artists who were trained at an earlier age and who attended art schools, so I’m working really hard to experience the “world of the practicing artist”. I thoroughly enjoyed six months at MOCA Cleveland last year as their inaugural Artist In Residence which provided lots of opportunity for patron and community engagement with my art.

As I create thematically in a series of work, the art of story becomes both muse and inspiration. Some series focus on concepts of personal spiritual transformation while others express cultural traditions from Africa mixed with contemporary African American art.

As a professional storyteller, myths, folklore and cultural references inform the messages that I desire to convey in my art, so I often create from story and then determine what materials to use. With regards to the story of art: my work and style encompasses techniques from folkloric craft traditions to bridge elements of fine art and in fact, that still is a challenge as my work is defined and critiqued.

While some of my artistic styles are reflected in subsequent series, I find that the shift in technique or medium utilized changes; for example, I may create a series, but consider different mediums for various types of exhibitions like paper or fiber or mixed media sculpture. While 3D sculpture is seen in most of my work, I also explore 3D composition in a wall hanging.

While I taught crafts workshops for years, I just began a new experience as “teaching artist” for Art House guiding art with an afterschool program and this summer with Cleveland Museum of Art.”

-Joyce Morrow Jones

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