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Cleveland Heights High School Exhibition: Community


Exhibition Dates (Online):

June 12-July 5, 2020


“During such times of hardship and isolation, it is still so important to continue to join the community together and appreciate the work that local students have put into their art.” – Zelda Thayer-Hansen


Heights Arts presents its second exhibition featuring Cleveland Heights High School art students. Heights Arts exhibition interns  Ava Collier and Zelda Thayer-Hansen have worked together to co-curate and produce an exhibition with community as the foundational theme. Cleveland has been a creative hub and source of development for these young artists and their peers. Together, they share a glimpse of what community means to them and how Cleveland has aided in their growth in the student organized exhibition: Community.


Photo Credits: Typology by Katrina Palmer


Participating Artists:

Brielle Boyd

Aminah Abdul-Hafeez

Trent(Steven) Adams

Yasmeen Al Labbad

Logan Anderson

Simone Beard

William Benham

Ruby Blackman

Bey Brown

Promise Brown

Milo Brown

Bai Bugat

Zoe Burns

Ava Collyer

Audrey Huang

Alex Cummings

Adele Dooner

Alya Esmail

Maria Fehn

Sean Fisher

Savannah Goins

Yelena Gorjanc

Tyiler Gray

Aaliyah Hall

Ella Herr

Emma Hodges

Marisa Hudson

Lily Waugh

Iman Isaacs

John Jackson

Maya Jacobs

Jace James

Thalia Lisowski

Amanda Long

Mya Macke

Fiona Macke

JaJuan Matthews

Enzo (Vincent) Minnillo

Kennade Morris

Elle Mueller

Josie Naypauer

Harriet Nichols

Madeleine Nicol

Katrina Palmer

Grace Pindel

Promise (Khyra) Brown

Bidya Rai

Nick Reynolds

Arianna Richards

Eriel Richardson

Elena Rinaldi

Gevena Rose

Melody Schanz

Lila Schubert

Zelda Thayer-Hansen

Jordan Thomas

Joshua Wendorf

Justin Wodtly

Castiel Hoffman


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