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Intern Exhibition- Innate Environments

Intern Exhibition- Innate Environments

Heights Arts is known for celebrating art in many forms at its longstanding Cleveland Heights gallery. That especially includes up-and-coming artists. Heights Arts is excited to present Innate Environments and its Spotlight Showcase, both celebrating this new talent.

Innate Environments is curated by Heights Arts interns Zelda Thayer-Hansen and Eryn Lawson. They created a show which acknowledges nature in its unsightly truths as much as its inherent beauty, all while evaluating humanity’s existence within the natural world through photography, graphic design, and mixed media. The interns share the traditional Spotlight showcase adjacent to the exhibition.

“This internship at Heights Arts has opened my eyes to the hidden world of gallery curation. I’ve gotten to meet such amazing local artists and creatives through this opportunity. And most of all, getting the opportunity to show the work of my peers shows how lucky we are to have such an amazing community and such devoted art teachers supporting us,” says Zelda Thayer-Hansen.

The internship program at Heights Arts looks to connect the seasoned, knowledgeable artists that have long been part of other Heights Arts programs—including exhibitions, musical events, and the Heights Arts store—with new, young artists from Cleveland Heights High School. 

The exhibition also features the following Cleveland Heights High students: Milo Brown, Julian Cooper, Taylor Blockson, Mills May, Melody Schanz, Clare Dolan, Ruby Blackman, Thalia Lisowski, Adele Dooner, Davon Smith Johnson, Hannah Bradley, Jean Carlo Quiroz Murillo, Willa Sullivan, Maggie Thompson, Davon Johnson, Sophia Evans, Greyton Manne, Malachi Wilson, Grace Pindel, Cecilia Adams, John Jackson, Jenna Andrews, Trudy Motsamai, Isabella Bradley, Michaela Schomisch, Katrina Palmer, Lily Fawcett-Dubow, Rose Goodluck,  and Josie Naypaeur

Innate Environments runs May 21st through June 13th, as the 2021 Group Show wraps up at the Heights Arts gallery on Lee Road. The public is encouraged to visit in-person for safe, socially distanced viewing. View our video from opening night below!

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