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February Musical Artist of the Month – David Bays

David Bays is a singer/songwriter and actor based in Cleveland, Ohio. His music combines a striking and dramatic, rock inspired guitar flavor with deeply visceral and personal lyrics. He has been creating music and performing for as long as he can remember. Music and performance are a means for him to connect with his inner self and with others around him as they wrap in a unique, mutual sonic tapestry.

He released his first album, “Aspects of Adjustment” in 2020 (right near the beginning of the pandemic) covering his experience shifting back to normal life after undergoing chemotherapy for lymphoma for over two years.

His new single, “Beyond the Waste” is an epic, foot-stomping, folk-rock anthem about escaping your worst living conditions and dreaming of somewhere “beyond the restless repeat.” It is accompanied by a music video where he is pied in the face over 50 times.


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