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July 2022 Visual Artist of the Month – Amelia Joynes

Amelia C. Joynes -Transparent Enamels on Copper 

“I am intrigued by the nature of how light ripples through water, or flows through windows, and how I can translate that into new images in glass and metal. 

I have explored many media to consider the effects of layering on images, on paper, or glass on etched copper. When I interlace transparent glass with other media I see the multiple effects of layering to define patterns and textures through light. Natural and recycled materials are an integral consideration in all my artworks. 

I have been involved in many forms of art for most of my life. Lately I have also been challenged to consider how our visual imagery connects us to one another, and our changing environment. 

I have shown my work independently, and through juried exhibitions, regionally and nationally. As a visual arts’ educator for many years, I have worked to make art accessible to all people as a way to understand themselves and the world we live in through exposure to all forms of art.


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