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Artist of the Month: Literary

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For the month of July, our literary artist of the month is Star Anderson. Star Anderson is an emerging voice in the world of poetry. She began writing poetry at an early age, as a result of a school assignment. Initially taking the option of reading a poem written by a famous poet, her competitive spirit took over, resulting in Star’s first poem.

Over the years,  Star continued writing and honing her craft. Which eventually led to her combining her love of music to produce song lyrics and enhancing the lyricism of her poetry. Star often performs her poetry at local venues. She has also been published in a growing list of print and digital publications.

For the past year, Star has shared her talents via social media. The goal, primarily, growing her audience in anticipation of the release of her first book of poetry. But, on a more elemental level, Star enjoys the opportunity to experience other artists’ work. The mutual feedback and support is invaluable.



Publication List:

“Bad for Your Health”
The Last Leaves/2020

The Last Leaves/2020

The Last Leaves/2020

4th Annual Edith Chase Poetry Anthology /2020

“I Am” &
Backchannels Journal/2020

“October Truth”
I Am Poetry Magazine/2019

“Our Beloved: Tribute to Toni Morrison”
Starr Library/2020

“The River”
Women’s Poetry Workshop/2020

“Why I Write”
Literary Cleveland: Cleveland Stories Vol II/2020

Property Zine/Tapes Winter Edition/2020

Twelve Literary Arts-Baldwin House Urban Writing Residency/2020


To learn more about Star Anderson, find her on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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