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FILM: Mademoiselle Paradis


April 11, 11:50 am & April 12, 6:25 pm

Take a journey into 1777 Vienna and experience the visual delights of this years Heights Arts sponsored film, Mademoiselle Paradis.  We are pleased to once again be partnering with the Cleveland International Film Festival to sponsor this true story of a blind pianist who must decide between sight and possibly losing ones artistic genius. April 11th at 11:50 am will be a FREE showing as a part of Taste of the Festival.  April 12th at 6:25 pm a second showing is available. When purchasing use our special code: HEIGHT to receive a $2.00 discount.


Vienna, 1777. Maria Theresia (“Resi”) Paradis, 18 years old, is blind, and a pianist of remarkable talent. Resi lost her eyesight literally overnight when she was three. After countless failed medical experiments, her overprotective parents seek out a controversial “miracle doctor,” Franz Anton Mesmer, as their last hope for a cure. For Dr. Mesmer, the chance to successfully treat the young girl could lead to fame and fortune.

Resi moves into the estate of the doctor and his wife, where in the company of other patients she tastes personal freedom for the first time. And Mesmer’s treatments seem to have almost immediate success. However, Resi soon notices that as her sight is beginning to return, her musical virtuosity is declining. She becomes aware that being part of society as a seeing person comes at too high a price if it can mean the loss of her inner world of music.

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