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Spotlight Showcase: Rick Rollenhagen

Alongside Emergent 2021 is a Spotlight showcase by Rick Rollenhagen, whose stone works begin with small pieces of nature and transform them into elegant sculptural forms.

Rick Rollenhagen is a stone carver who has exhibited his work in Cleveland, several European cities, and the Tampa Bay area. He has been honored by his inclusion in the Florence Biennale, Italy, and a residency in Budapest.  He was awarded a scholarship in 2020 at the Carving Studio and Sculpture Institute in Vermont.  His most recent work was shown at the Valley Arts Center Juried Show in 2020.  One of his sculptures was featured in the Cleveland 2020 Calendar, 52 Weeks-52 Artists-52 Works.  He was first prize winner in the 2020 “Shapes” competition sponsored by Artrepreneur, Inc.  He currently teaches stone carving in the Cleveland Institute of Art Continuing Education Program.

“I view stones as living things, the bones of the Mother Earth, originating billions of years ago,” he says. “In carving the stones exclusively with hand tools, I develop a rhythm whereby the hammer and chisel blows to the stone follow the beats of my heart. My sculptures are organic or biomorphic expressions of physical and emotional conditions. They involve a primitive form of spirituality.”

Emergent 2021 and Rollenhagen’s Spotlight run concurrently Friday, June 18 through Sunday, August 15. Opening night viewings on the 18th will be offered in half-hour sessions, that the public can sign-up for ahead of time.

Learn more about Emergent 2021 HERE. Please click HERE to read about our current COVID-19 mask policies before visiting.


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