Bialy’s Bagels

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Become a bagel maker for a day with a unique bundle of prizes valued at $100.

About Bialy’s Bagels

Twins Rachel and Sarah Gross were born in University Heights, OH in 1984. Their mom would always put them in the stroller and walk them and their brother to Bialy’s. They didn’t know it then but, they would eventually take over this Cleveland landmark. While visiting the Bagel Station, owned by their uncle in Winston Salem, NC, their love for bagels grew. Rachel and Sarah eventually traveled to NC in 2011 to learn the ins and outs of the bagels business. In 2014 with no luck of opening their dream bagel shop, they launched Clover Road Cream Cheese. Although it is not in production at this times Rachel and Sarah hope to bring it back. In December or 2017, Rachel and Sarah finalized the transfer of ownership of Bialy’s Bagels, from previous owners Ellen and Mark Osolin.

They hope you will continue to follow them on their journey.

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