Dear Friend of the Arts,

This page includes basic information for individuals who have expressed an interest in becoming more involved with the work of Heights Arts as a member of the Board of Directors.


Should you have an interest in joining our board, please complete the online application.  A member of the Governance Committee will be in touch to meet with you, share additional information, and answer your questions. There is no obligation when you apply, it is simply a way to alert us to your interest and start the process.

Thank you for your interest in Heights Arts!


To celebrate the literary, musical and visual artists of the region and share their contributions with the community.

The organization’s current strategic plan has four key goals:

  • expand and strengthen our board
  • develop a sustainable business model
  • broaden the organization’s visibility in and service to the community
  • diversify all aspects of the organization to better reflect the eclectic community we serve.


  • Maintain excellence in programs and services to the community
  • Welcome people of all walks of life
  • Collaborate with others to serve the community in depth
  • Commit to financial and environmental sustainability
  • Affirm the intrinsic value of the arts

In addition to supporting artists through our year-round and Holiday Store, Heights Arts offers programming in the Literary, Musical and Visual arts.

We are such a fun organization, and people care deeply about one or more (or all!) disciplines we support. Service on the Board offers creative and fulfilling opportunities as well as important responsibilities. Our Board serves as policy makers and financial stewards of Heights Arts.  Board members participate in all policy deliberations as a committee of the whole.  In addition, they are active on committees and subcommittees, keeping the board informed and supporting Heights Arts’ mission and core values, such as maintaining excellence in programming, sustainability in our financial and business operations, and fulfilling our strategic goal of broad service to our diverse community and its artists.

 Our Board adheres to the three classic legal duties of a Board: Duty of Care, Obedience and Loyalty.  Specifically, Board service includes:

  • Setting policy for the organization through developing and implementing its strategic plan
  • Supporting and assuring Heights Arts’ financial sustainability through fundraising, personal contributions and budget oversight
  • Assuring the organization follows all legal requirements for nonprofit organizations through its by-laws
  • Advocacy for the organization above any interests in personal benefit
  • Active participation in committee work, programs and events.

Our Heights Arts Board Prospect Summary with a more detailed description of Board expectations can be viewed or downloaded.