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About CLE Urban Winery

CLE Urban Winery brings the unique concept of a working winery and tasting room to the historic urban setting of the Cedar-Lee neighborhood of Cleveland Heights, Ohio. We don’t have a vineyard – our wines are hand-crafted and bottled on-site in our craft brewery-style winery and are made from premium grapes sourced primarily from the US west coast and branded to honor and celebrate the city of Cleveland.

CLE Urban Winery offers our customers a chic, convenient, comfortable environment to taste and appreciate wine made in Cleveland, by Clevelanders. Our passion is to share our knowledge and love of wine with our customers and to offer them a unique experience unlike any other in Ohio. We share our love of wine through our unique wine tasting experience, wine-related events, wine education and appreciation programs, clubs, classes, and other offerings. We’ll change your mind about Ohio wine!

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