Rising Star Coffee Roasters

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A $20 gift card that can be used at any of our locations, as well as a travel mug and bag of coffee. ($50 Value.)

About Rising Star Coffee Roasters

Rising Star Coffee Roasters was founded in 2012 with a one roaster and a one cafe under the same roof. The founder of the company, Kim Jenkins, intended to hold two core principles for the business. They were not unusual; the first, bring a quality product to our community that created a destination for cultural exchange, and the second, facilitate a positive impact on the industry and supply chain by paying farmers fair prices.

In 2020 Kim retired and sold his hard work to three employees and one investor. And so Rising Star Coffee continues on with those foundation principles. We continue to work to ensure that our cafes are open-minded and inclusive meeting places for our communities and that the jobs we create foster in our staff a practice of self-motivation, a sense of accomplishment, and a forward momentum for their future. We continue to source from farmers and producers who focus on quality with great care and diligence and we continue to pay them fairly. We are both humbled by and motivated by the ever changing landscape of our industry and the simple joy of a special cup of coffee.

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