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All Ohio Ceramic Invitational

Curated by University Hospitals curator Tom Huck, this special exhibition features artists whose works display contrasts in scale, clay bodies, firing ranges, glazing techniques, and execution. The exhibit will feature a representation of sculptural works, vessel inspired pieces, and functional works.

Primarily the participants are from the northern Ohio region and well recognized within the area. We are particularly excited to introduce a recognized group of artists from the outlying regions of the sate and exhibit their work for the first time in the Cleveland area.

Additionally this exhibit will not only high-light some of Ohio’s talented ceramists but will also provide a perspective on ceramic art and its place in today’s contemporary art market.

Participating artists:  Diana Bjel, Chris Breuer, Cliffel, Stephanie Craig, Megan Dull, Bonnie Gordon, Yumiko Goto, Sharon Grossman, Rebecca Harvey, Kristen Cliffel, Amy Krusinski-Sinbondit, Eva Kwong, Elaine Lamb, Andrea LeBlond, Todd Leech, Clay Leonard, Paul Linhares, Lynne Lofton, Kirk Mangus, Missy McCormick, Jenny Mendes, Sandy Miller, Judith Salomon, Brian Sarama, Luke Sheets, Adam Shiverdecker, Kaname Takada, Donna Webb and Theresa Yondo


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