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Andy Curlowe + Mark Slankard

Curated by Andrea Joki, this exhibition features painter Andy Curlowe and photographer Mark Slankard.  The artists present work that explores themes of civilization and relationships between built environments and natural landscapes.  The juxtaposition of Curlowe’s paintings on canvas and Slankard’s large format photographs bring to the fore a shared aesthetic – an intimacy embedded in atmosphere.

Curlowe describes his artistic language as “focused on suggestive landscape, …a fusion of curved lines and blurred contours of natural forms which counter the sharp geometry of industry and calculation.  Whether in conflict or harmony, these works emphasize the power struggles between both worlds.”

Slankard’s evocative photographs from the Toplu Series capture the rapidly changing landscapes in Turkish suburbia.  His work reflects “landscape as a physical manifestation of those who live there, and their values and the power structures that basically shape the place.”



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