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Danko-LeBlond limited edition 2014

Danko LeBlond commission workHeights Arts’ second limited-edition commission was awarded to artist members Susan Danko and Andrea LeBlond, who are both previous recipients of an Ohio Arts Council Individual Excellence Award. Danko is known for her semi-abstract landscape paintings with stylized natural forms and atmospheric washes of vibrant color. LeBlond, whose distinctive ceramic designs are available in the gallery year round, provided the expertise and guidance in translating Danko’s visual language to clay.

About the collaborative process, Danko says, “I was surprised to find that I could use a lot of the same techniques that I use in my painting process with ceramics, too. Many of my techniques are influenced by printmaking that I’ve assimilated into painting. I was excited to find that the same techniques could apply to the surface of the clay as well as to the glaze application. A great three-way cross pollination of disciplines!”

Because all tiles are hand-glazed and hand-built separately, each tile is unique in surface pattern and coloration.

Limited edition of 25; signed by the Susan Danko and Andrea LeBlond.


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