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July Artist of the Month- Visual

Ambiente Art Glass

For 46 Years Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe have been creating unique handcrafted stained and kiln formed fused glass. In their work they are inspired by the beauty and the many moods of the natural environment and by their own photography, as well as the angst, depth, joys and blessings of life that find expression in their creations. Of their work,“We are moved by the regenerative and meditative quality of the creative process and the magical illumination of glass as it changes with the shifting light of each day and season. We believe that the transforming effects and the healing potential of the art process nourishes our own lives and can expand out to touch others”.


Our stained glass creations, which are collaborative, can be found in residential, commercial and institutional settings, including churches and other sacred spaces, throughout the country. We are known for our sensitive use of color and texture, for fluid unusual designs and excellent craftsmanship. We attempt to capture a feeling, an energy, a flow that embraces a serene and vibrant essence. Our kiln-formed glass focuses on intimate landscapes that invite you into the depths of nature remembered. A glimpse of a memory or dream that takes you into a tranquil setting. We also create luminous delicious colored dinnerware, multi-sized vessels both abstract and realistic along with garden art and furniture.

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