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SPOTLIGHT: Deborah Pinter

September 15 through October 29, 2017

Ornamental Containment, a series of new monotypes by Deborah Pinter, is showcased in the spotlight gallery beginning Friday, September 15.  Employing the compositional restraints of a circular format on square paper, Deborah continues her exploration of directly creating prints from natural elements such as leaves, branches and stones, which are added in layers to create a positive/negative rhythm.

Deborah notes about her work, “The images you see in Ornamental Containment, is a continuation on what I have done to date. With these works I decided to challenge myself, creating self-inflicted restraints, by working with a circular format on a square piece of paper. I also asked myself the question, “What will happen when I break through the lines?”  What you see here are some of the results to this question. By overlapping or entangling the subjects I am causing an uncontrolled natural rhythm. Bold patterns start to emerge as branches and leaves crisscross like spokes in a wheel. The curving, folding, and twisting induces a feeling of pleasurable disorientation. There is a push/pull created between opposing elements that define both the sapling and human: energy and dissipation; clarity and mystery; and presence and absence. These many contradictions allow me to continue to examine both nature and my relationship to the natural world.”

Join us for a community opening reception on Friday, September 15, meet Deborah, and learn more about her work.



Deborah Pinter’s work is shown in cooperation with Dolan/Maxwell Gallery.

Image: 2S-2017, monoprint on 20″ x 20″ paper
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