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Creative Board Game Bundle ($100)

A trio of board games to spark your imagination. Canvas by Road to Infamy Games, Dixit by Libellud, and Signs by Thorny Games.

About Critical Hit Games

We offer a curated range of Board Games, Card Games, Role Playing Games, and Supplies! We also take special orders, and we’re happy to take your stock suggestions. We’ve worked hard to make sure our space is welcoming to all kinds of players. Gatekeeping is directed only at gatekeepers. We host a regular schedule of events, as well as special events and private play. Join in for a Magic the Gathering tournament, or bring your group in for Dungeons & Dragons. Reach out if you’re having trouble finding groups. Contact us to reserve our play space for your group.

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Heights Arts has always worked incredibly hard to foster creativity and beauty in our community. It’s our pleasure to have the chance to support them, and in doing so make Cleveland Heights a better experience for us all.