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Cleveland Heights’ FOCUS Magazine Seeks Artists, Content



Heights Arts is happy to announce that The City of Cleveland Heights is reinstating its Arts pages in FOCUS Magazine in quarterly issues.

The publication is delivered to every resident of Cleveland Heights, so Heights Arts is excited that the arts will be featured so prominently – creating equitable access to the rich arts programming in our community. Heights Arts has been in discussion with the City to include several sections – one for local arts organizations to list their events, one for businesses who will be presenting arts events, and one to feature local artists.

Those interested in contributing to an upcoming edition of FOCUS can see below for additional submission information.


The next issue of FOCUS will cover events from 02/01/24  thru 04/30/24. The deadline to submit information for this issue is December 18, 2023.


Local Arts Organizations and Local Arts-Presenting Businesses



FOCUS Magazine, a publication of the Cleveland Heights city Government, is reopening its Arts pages. This will allow local arts-focused organizations (nonprofits in the arts) and local businesses who promote or present the arts to publish both:


1. A listing of upcoming events. Please list all events in the time period of the publication. Due to limited capacity, FOCUS will determine how many to publish. (Organizations and Businesses)

2. A short “feature” report, consisting of a report of current happenings at your organization. (Organizations Only)


Please be prepared to include, as part of your submission to FOCUS:

1. A short feature report. (Under 200 words.) (Organizations Only)
2. An image to go along with your feature report. (Organizations Only)
3. A listing of arts events at your organization or business during the issue’s time period. (Businesses and Organizations)


Local Artists



We are happy to announce that The City of Cleveland Heights, is reinstating its Arts pages in FOCUS Magazine in quarterly issues — and that part of this re-launch is a section which features a local artist with each issue!

While we will not be selecting the artists ourselves, Heights Arts is proud to assist the City with the submission process.  If you live in Cleveland Heights, we’d like to hear from you!

Please be prepared to include the following in your application:

1. A statement on your connection to Cleveland Heights. (200 words or less.)
2. A short biography. (200 words or less.)
3. A sample of your work.
4. A brief artist’s statement. (200 words or less.)







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