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Heights Writes Community Team

The Heights Writes Community Team (HWCT) is meant to engage the resources of the surrounding community to provide expertise and ensure the Height Arts’ literary programming is relevant and reflects our community.


The Heights Writes Community Team is composed of the following:

  • Up to eight (8) members with at least 50% of the Community Team having expertise in the literary discipline of poetry.
  • The current Poet Laureate will serve on the Team for three (3) years – during their tenure, and at least one (1) additional year.

Community team members are essential to the success and quality of Heights Arts programming.  To keep the team running at its best capacity, team members should commit to the following:

Duties and Expectations

The duties of Heights Writes Community Team Members are as follows:

  • Attend at least six (6) meetings each fiscal year and candidate interviews as scheduled.
  • Participate in programming activities including Ekphrastacy and the Haiku Death Match.
  • Attend and be prepared to assist at a minimum of three (3) Heights Arts poetry events each year.
  • Serve as jury for the bi-annual selection of Heights Arts’ Poet Laureate.
  • Serve as Selection Committee for candidates for the Haiku Death Match, Ekphrastacy or other programming.
  • Assist in evaluating the quality and effectiveness of Literary programs.
  • Assist as needed with other Literary program opportunities that may arise.
  • Assist staff occasionally with writing requests for publicity and articles or blogs about Heights Arts programs.
  • Help promote upcoming events through social media, email or other means
  • To ensure that members are informed about the strategic and programmatic priorities of Heights Arts in contributing their expertise, the following is strongly encouraged:
    • attendance at Heights Arts’ All-Organization meeting in February
    • attendance at the annual volunteer appreciation event at the end of each fiscal year to share team accomplishments


Heights Writes Community Team Members receive a complimentary membership to Heights Arts and be recognized for their service on the website and at yearly volunteer appreciation events.

Click here to learn more about how Heights Arts Community Teams contribute to our vibrant programming.

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