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Ambiente Art Glass

Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe

For 40 years Jane Godfrey and Sondra Radcliffe have been co-owners of Ambiente Art Glass which specializes in unique hand-crafted stained and kiln formed glass. Three years ago, Jane and Sondra moved their studio from Cleveland Heights, Ohio to Portland, Oregon to be closer to family.

In making their work, they are inspired by the beauty and many moods of the natural environment and by personal photography and love of nature. They also find inspiration in other art forms including music and dance. Jane and Sondra state, “Additionally, the angst, depth, joys and blessings of life experiences find expression in our creations. We are moved by the regenerative and meditative quality of the creative process and the magical illumination of glass as it changes with the shifting light of each day and season. As artists we are known for our sensitive use of color and texture, for fluid unusual designs and excellent craftsmanship.”

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