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Leo Covault

I am a Cleveland based transgender artist with an interest in exploring gender through the lens of historical fashion and folklore. I was inspired by stop motion animation, shadow puppets, and stage design to create my photographic illustration style. I create two dimensional, articulated paper dolls and place them in three dimensional sets. These sets are made with a combination of found objects, dollhouse furniture, paper mache, and fabric. I then light the work with colored gels and photograph it.
In addition to this style, I enjoy printmaking and jewelry making. I use a variety of mediums in printmaking, including screenprint, intaglio, and linocut. I also make necklaces and earrings out of polystyrene “Shrinky Dink” plastic. In all my mediums, I am inspired by the handmade, often rough or stiff shapes of historical folk art. I also want to convey the changing concept of gender expression over time and the ways it is subverted and played with in fairy tales.

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