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Earl James

From furnaces producing molten glass, Earl James designs colorful blown glass with his characteristic abstract drawings. His work is born out of an affinity for line and color and is built up in layers. Light, which is unique to the properties of glass, blends and magnifies his colors and patterns. In addition to these functional vessels and decorative items, Earl also translates line and form sculpturally. Using handheld tools, he sculpts hot glass into another form of personal expression. At times he incorporates other materials such as wood or metal with glass.

Born in Jamaica, West Indies, and raised in Rochester, New York, Earl James earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1988 and a Masters of Fine Art from Alfred University in 1990. His work has been well received and can be found in numerous foundations, corporate and private collections.

Earl James has worked in his Cleveland, Ohio studio since 1990.

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