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Nancy Luken

Local Artist Nancy Luken spent much of her life exploring the lines between reality and imagination: sometimes taking common everyday items and altering them to create a new object seen in a whole new perspective; or taking reality and incorporating whimsical imagery to remind people that the world is what we make of it. Her latest body of work best encapsulates that idea. Taking photos, mostly around NE Ohio woodlands, Nancy uses a digital drawing board to embed her imagination into each photo. From there, she hand-transfers the printed image to a block of aspen wood through a self-developed and hand made transfer technique.In addition to her wood prints Nancy has spent much of her life exploring all kinds of mediums and techniques. She majored in sculptural ceramics in 2008 and continues to create 3D objects out of any and all mediums. She currently enjoys working with leather, yarn, wood and metal. Needless to say she is always exploring and creating something new.

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