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Sharon Schlesinger

I’ve always been artsy and creative. Over the years I branched out into various artistic endeavors and about 15 years ago I decide to concentrate on jewelry design.

I sold my whimsical designs in different local galleries and handmade artisan shows. After becoming a cancer survivor 13 years ago I wanted to do something more creative and keep myself “sustainable” by using more metals which led me to work with sheet metal which I cut into forms, triple sand and hammer or design with different Dremel techniques.

I chose to work with pure non refined sustainable environmentally conscious “green” metals which are recyclable. All of these metals are sourced and forged only in the USA.

I use pure fine Aluminum and pure fine stainless steel which are both hypo allergenic and will not oxidize for my silver designs and pure raw brass which is antimicrobial for my gold designs. The raw brass pieces should be stored protectively since they can develop a natural patina over time but can be brought back to the original finish quickly with a brass cleaner or an organic mixture of natural lemon and salt.

All of my necklaces can be made adjustable by adding jump rings along the chain to shorten the length or adding a chain extender for length. They also make great layering pieces to add to other necklaces.

I am self-taught and enjoy continuing finding new techniques to add to my jewelry line.

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