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Natalie Scobercea

Natalie is a Cleveland native who attended Notre Dame College (South Euclid) majoring in Art Education. Natalie’s early work centered around nature and realistic charcoal drawings. In the mid 2000’s, moved to begin painting, Natalie utilized acrylic and watercolors for her spirit inspired impressionistic work. After a near death experience in 2015, Natalie began an exploration of energy, the subtle energetic body (aura) that surrounds each of us, as well as earth energy, and became a certified energy healer. It is through her work with vibrational healing that she felt called to create her three-dimensional, functional artwork. Natalie’s smudging shells, feathers and sprays honor the sacred rituals of clearing and raising energy vibrations. Natalie’s hand tied Malas incorporate the spoken word, expressed as a vibrational mantra, into each unique crystal creation.

Natalie is a wife and mother of two teenage boys, as well as being an artist, writer, energy healer, Reiki Master, and ordainedSpiritualist Minister. Natalie is currently studying Shamanism as she continues her calling to inspire others to heal through changing their energy, changing their vibrational frequency.

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