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David Shafron – Darbynwoods

David is a self-taught wood worker. David started woodworking when he and his wife could not find a headboard that they liked for their bed. This can be seen as the background for the home page at Darbynwoods.com. While designing and then creating the headboard he found his love for wood. The next items that David built were matching bedside tables. Since then, David has not stopped creating beautiful items for everyday use.

The goal of David’s work is to bring fine quality woodwork into homes and offices. The mission of Darbynwoods is to create everyday items out of domestic and exotic woods. David uses the natural colors and grain patterns of the woods from around the world in his work. There is no stain or dye used to create the functional works of art. The reason for this is that David feels that “man could not do the job that nature has done”.

Darbynwoods hopes to help everyone create pieces that are unique. David enjoys working with individuals to create custom designs that match their color and design.

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