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Carolyn Merklein

Carolyn Merklein sample cat portrait


Carolyn Merklein sample dog portrait



In portraiture, Carolyn’s goal is to bring the viewer to feel an empathy for the subject – to see the image comprised of paint on canvas as a “living” being. She believes the quality of empathy is more important than strict realism in her work, and brings out these qualities of each animal in her portrait through expressive brushwork on fur, lush backgrounds, and vibrant color. In this way, despite having no personal knowledge to character of the animals she is depicting, there is a vibrancy to her portraits.


“Animal welfare is important to me on two levels. For domesticated animals and pets, I believe humans owe it to the creatures we bred to serve our needs to make good on our end of that relationship by providing them with shelter, food, and care. Personally, I have owned a dog. She was an emotional tether in my life from when we adopted her, when I was six, until she died suddenly last year. I have always had a great of love of animals, particularly dogs, due to her influence. Furthermore, I have a great respect for animal welfare organizations because before we adopted her, she was rescued by the Humane Society from the streets. For these reasons I have great enthusiasm at using my talents for the benefit of animal welfare. ”

Carolyn’s original paintings on canvas are available in four sizes from 4″ x 6″ to 10″ x 12.” Each commissioned portrait takes about six to eight weeks to complete, and is completely original, based on the photograph that you provide. Artist signed.

Pet Project by Carolyn Merklein:
4″ x 6″ acrylic painting on canvas, unframed $65
5″ x 7″ acrylic painting on canvas, unframed $85
8″ x 10″ acrylic painting on canvas, unframed $100
10″ x 12″ acrylic painting on canvas, unframed $125

Order online, in the gallery, or via our brochure at participating animal welfare organizations, our sponsoring organizations, and local veterinarians. Orders may be picked up at Heights Arts; shipping is unavailable at this time.



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