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17th Annual Holiday Store

November 2 – December 30, 2018

What began in 2002 as a tiny pop-up shop with a few local artists has blossomed into the Heights Arts 17th Annual Holiday Store, featuring creative items by about 100 Northeast Ohio visual artists and artisans, writers, and musicians.

In addition to ceramics, jewelry, art on paper and glass by popular Cleveland favorites such as Lynn Lofton, Sandra Curry, Jen Craun, and Shayna Roth Pentacost, we’re thrilled about the variety of new works from more than 20 new artists, ranging from Screen Prints by Triple Threat Press to embroidered bags by Coretta Kutash, and jewelry by Alyson Holobaugh.  Visitors will also find handmade artist cards and ornaments, photography, handknits and printed tees, artisan items for the home and littlest family members, plus local music CDs and chapbooks by Cleveland poets.

Again this year is a gift registry, so visitors can jot down the items they’d love to receive for holiday gift-giving, and friends or family members can access when they stop in. Heights Arts has also commissioned handmade Judaica, thanks to funding from the Mandel Foundation, and will have a custom ceramic menorah and pewter mezuzot available for order.
Open seven days a week through December 30, the Holiday Store is stocked with new, handmade items on a weekly basis, so all are encouraged to support local artists by shopping early and often. Artists also volunteer their time to help visitors in the store and share information about their craft.



A Heights Arts members-only preview will be held Friday, November 2 from 5-7 p.m., with a public reception for the entire community from 7-9 p.m. the same evening. Special holiday shopping nights are planned throughout the season, when you can savor local brews, shop from your gift list, and enjoy complimentary gift wrapping for all purchases.

PARTICIPATING ARTISTS (as of September 21)

Rozanne Anderson
APEMADE – April Bleakney
Leslye Arian
Kate Atherton
Kris Barnes
Sue Berry
Pat Bolgar
William Brouillard
Catherine Butler
Jamey Christoph 
Barbara Claas
Kristen Cliffel
Robert Coby
Jennifer Craun
Benita Cullinan
Sandra Curry
Susan Danko
Catherine Davies Paetz
Gina DeSantis
Eleni Dimaio
Bonnie Dolin
Megan Dull
Gene Epstein
Betsy Fallon
Patti Fields
Domenic Fiorello
Susan Gallagher
Patricia Garmhausen
Gretchen Goss
Yumiko Goto
Leslie Greenhalgh
Sharon Grossman
Maryann Posch and John Gulyas
Amy Halko
Mark Hartung
Cynde Hujarski
Laura Jackson  (Cleveland Recycles)
Clarissa Jacobsons
Kerie Johannes
Chuck Joy
Larry Kasperek (Pixel Larry)
Kathy McCurry
Keats Handcrafted
Ursula Korneitchouk
Elaine Lamb
Les Delices
Letterpress Jess – Jessica Bennett
Melissa Lindahl (Blooming Enamels)
Zenia Lis
Lynne Norwood Lofton
Nancy Luken
William Mahon
Mamina Handmade – Maria Ianiro

John Martin

 Stephanie Miller Davis
Jessica Miroglotta
Cle Colectiv
Pamela Pastoric
Michael Romanik
Shayna Roth Pentecost
Susan Schieman
Lisa Schonberg
Genevieve Schwartz
David Shafron
Susan Skove
Christopher Owen Smith
Kate Snow
Denise Stewart
Ellen Strong
Mark Sudduth
Rima Tessman
Carol Thombs
Tiny Erica Jewelry
Triple Threat Press
Jeremy Tugeau
Jen Prox Weisblat
Justin Michael Will
Mark Yasenchack
Paula Zinsmeister
Taryn Zwolinski
Alyson Holobaugh
Claire Marks
Coretta Kutash
Danielle Rueger
Fiber and Gloss
Gloria Pridemore
Greg Donley
Higo Gabarron
J.Allon Hall
Jane Peterson
Jeneen Hobby
Maurice Sherman
Megan McNamara
Preston Sheeks
T. Marie Jacintho
The Circle Craft
The Heebie Jeebies
Thomas Hanger

Meghan Calvert


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