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Catherine Butler limited edition 2015

Moonbeings smallOur third limited-edition commission is awarded to Cleveland Heights jewelry artist and teacher Catherine Butler. Renowned for her creative, intriguing, and engaging designs, Catherine shared her thoughts about her MOON BEING series of silver earrings :

I was thrilled to be asked to design and create a limited edition of 25 pieces for Heights Arts. As a jewelry artist I often work in a series, sending pieces off to various galleries across the country, hoping that they will sell and that I will get paid for them. To have the assurance that I will be paid both for the work and the designing of it is such a validation of the work I have done to get to where I am today. In addition to unique, one of a kind pieces, I work in unlimited variations/series. 

The experience of doing a limited edition proved to be quite freeing, as when I start a series I am often daunted by whether it merits continuing for a long period of time, what kind of easily replicable display cards to make, and worried as to if the pieces will sell. This makes it difficult to actually begin working on my ideas. Knowing that this series is limited made it easier to start, and also gave me the freedom to return to handpainting display cards, rather than making one master to copy, as I needed only twenty five. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and am inspired to work more innovatively in the future. I feel energized and am looking forward to continuing the momentum this opportunity has given me.


Heights Arts limited edition artist commissions are supported through generous funding by the George Gund Foundation.
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