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13th Annual Holiday Store

November 7 through December 30, 2014

Get the first look at our extremely popular Holiday Store on Friday, November 7, during our open reception at 7:00-9:00 p.m. Heights Art members are invited to an early preview from  6:00-7:00 p.m.. More than 80 regional artists are represented in the show, with works ranging from industrial-inspired jewelry, clutches created from repurposed paintings, to innovative, contemporary glassware. Participating artists also volunteer to staff the gallery during Holiday Store hours, so Heights Arts shoppers can meet them in person and learn more about their work.
13th Annual Holiday Store

This year, gallery manager Courtney Young and the Heights Arts gallery committee have added more than a dozen new makers to the Holiday Store, with one-of-a-kind works in ceramics, paper, leather, silver, glass, and watercolor.

Festive family workshops are another new addition. On select weekends, community members are invited to create hand-stamped greeting cards and gift tags, or make a “Poetic Paper Pinwheel,” which may be used as an ornament or artisanal toy. Reservations are required; details to follow.

The store runs through December 30, with expanded evening and Sunday hours.

Participating Artists

Rozanne Anderson
Todd and Pat Anderson
Judith Angelo
Debbie Apple-Presser
Dennis Balogh
Kris Barnes
Sue Berry
David Brichford
William Brouillard
Hugh Brown
Catherine Butler
Ann Caywood
Grace Chin
Kristen Cliffel
Martha Cliffel
Robert Coby
Jennifer Craun
Benita Cullinan
Daniel Pruitt Studios
Susan Danko
Barbara Claas
Gina DeSantis
Bonnie Dolin
Megan Dull
Julianne Edberg
Kristin Ellis
Gene Epstein
Betsy Fallon
Emily Felderman
Patti Fields
Matthew Fiorilli
Anneliese Fricke
Carrie Gabella
Susan Gallagher
Bonnie Gordon
Gretchen Goss
Yumiko Goto
Leslie Greenhalgh
Sharon Grossman
John Gulyas and Maryann Posch
Judith and Russell Hardy
Earl James
Ray Juaire
Ursula Korneitchouk
Chadd Lacy
Elaine Lamb
Andrea LeBlond
Annette Poitau Levine
Lynne Norwood Lofton
William Mahon
Eleanor Mallet
Tobi Mattes
Missy McCormick
Mason Milani
Stephanie Miller Davis
Jessica Miroglotta
Lynn O’Brien
Catherine Davies Paetz
Pamela Pastoric
Gillian Preston
Jeanne Regan
Michael Romanik
Shayna Roth Pentecost
Susan Schieman
Lisa Schonberg
Genevieve Schwartz
Faye Simmonds
Susan Skove
Christopher Owen Smith
Kate Snow
Alex Stanton
Ellen Strong
Mark Sudduth
Rima Tessman
Carol Thombs
Krista Tomorowitz
Valerie tyler
Lea Wiertel
Alyssa Woodard
Mark Yasenchak
Brent Kee Young
Gayle Zimmerman
Paula Zinsmeister
Taryn Zwolinski
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