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SPOTLIGHT: Jenny Adams

March 23, – May 6, 2018

OPENING RECEPTION, March 23, 2018 6 – 9 pm


Jennifer Adams is a visual artist living and working in Shaker Heights, Ohio. Raised in a farmhouse in Pennsylvania, as a young child she became fascinated with visual pattern in her surroundings. Wallpaper and flooring were great puzzles for detecting repeating patterns at home. Starting her career with a Bachelor of Science in Textile Design from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Jennifer worked as a Jacquard Woven upholstery designer before earning an M.F.A. in Fiber from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Her work has primarily focused on 2D practices including drawing, printmaking and photography; as well as textile arts such as quilting and knitting. Repeated pattern is at the heart of her work, unifying a visual field, drawing the viewer’s attention to pattern and inspiring the viewer to notice patterns in their daily experiences.


The work being shown is my most recent series of drawings reflecting the variety and combination of brick patterns in Shaker Heights architecture. In some cases I have drawn exact replicas, but for the most part I enjoy drawing fields of one or a combination of a few patterns. This series began after moving to Shaker Heights in 2015 and realizing at first glance that there are many, many buildings constructed with bricks. After settling in and looking more closely, I began to notice differences in brick layouts. Initially it was just the obvious differences such as Running bond vs. Flemish bond. The more closely I looked, the more brick patterns I found. It has been amazing and delightful to discover details in buildings that contribute to the character of Shaker Heights, I hope to inspire viewers to make similar discoveries.


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