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Untouched: The Digital Paradox

We start our 2019-2020 exhibition season with Untouched: The Digital Paradox, a group exhibition opening on Friday, August 30.  Matthew Hollern, Professor and Chair of Jewelry + Metals at the Cleveland Institute of Art, is the guest curator for the show, which explores the evolving role of technology in the creation of art. “Sometimes the digital history of an object is apparent,” says Hollern. “At other times the role of technology is there but it’s invisible. Sometimes a work seems like digital trickery but it’s actually not. Digital work can really challenge assumptions.”

Artists in the show:

George Kozmon

Barry Underwood

// Benitez_Vogl (Margarita Benitez and Markus Vogl)

Janice Lessman-Moss

Marcus Brathwaite

Tony Ingrisano

Yasniel Valdes

Matthew Hollern.

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