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June 16 – August 13


Wind, water and island are a part of my life’s fabric and have influenced me as a lifelong maker and teller of stories. Born in Sandusky, Ohio, I sought out places to sit and listen to the water and watch the waves, gulls and fog as I faced myself and my life. I often say I grew up with fiber in my fingers. I clearly understood from my mom that this is what girls did. It was a hobby, never art. The nearest museum was in Cleveland, so I never really remember seeing art. College was encouraged but not expected and I dropped out after a year to attend nursing school in Sandusky. I became a registered nurse, moved to Cleveland to work (1.5 hours away but seemed very risky at the time). Marriage, children, master’s in Education, divorce, camp nurse in Maine, School nurse for the last 21 years. I never stopped making things. Looking back, I realize that I spent my life honing my craft and collecting stories. When I discovered the Morgan Art of Papermaking Conservatory and Educational Foundation my life changed forever. Seeing paper as fabric and fiber challenged me in ways I could have not imagined. Anything that crossed my path: a log laying over another, the give and take of conversation, death of a loved one, meeting new friends, personal or global conflict, aging can be described in terms of fibers touching as they pass another. Life and its stories as fiber and textile. I couldn’t be happier.

-Paula Damm

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