April 21 2022 from 7:00PM – 8:00PM   Join us as poetry and visual art mingle, stirring dialogue between the visual artist members of Figurative/Abstract and a panel of carefully selected local poet performers. This free event occurs in response to each exhibition at Heights Arts, including the works presented in the spotlight gallery, this […]

Ekphrastacy : Artists Talk and Poets Respond to RUST

February 17 2022 7:00pm – 8:30pm NOTICE: We will have audience seating and cannot guarantee the ability to be socially distanced. Therefore, for your safety, we will require proof of vaccination OR a negative COVID test taken within 72 hours and that masks be worn at this live event.   Join us for the first Ekphrastacy performance of […]

Die-Hard Haiku

It’s cold in Cleveland Heights during the month of January after one of the first significant snowfalls of the season. Businesses are shutting down again due to a surging COVID variant and your pillow seems to stare at you with puppy dog eyes, begging you to stay in bed. You’re restless though, unable to lay […]

Seasonal Hikes and Haikus

Imagine standing on an old sandstone bridge over a stream that bobbles limp leaves in bubbles of soda water. As you wait for more students to arrive wrapped in light jackets, fidgeting with pens that itch to scratch thoughts onto naked pages, you naturally form a circle with the gathering group. Most eyes face your […]

Ekphrastacy- Artist Talk, Poets Respond to Printers Select 2021

  Our next Ekphrastacy poetry and artist talk series will be held on September 23, where several poets will write and recite poetry based off the Printers Select artwork. With the guidance of Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate Ray McNiece, selected applicants are provided a structured approach to choosing visual art that speaks to them, developing […]

Join our upcoming Haiku Hikes with Poet-Laureate Ray McNiece

Join Cleveland Heights Poet Laureate Ray McNiece on a seasonal morning ginkgo (haiku walk), learning and creating poetry according to centuries-old traditions. These customs cultivate a seasonal awareness that improves one’s powers of poetic and natural observation. Hikes will begin with a formal introduction to haiku, continue with 4 stops along the way, then conclude […]

Heights Arts presents Ekphrastacy-Artists Talk, Poets Respond for Emergent 2021

  The re-birth and re-opening of America is sparking hope, excitement, and longing for growth in all of us nowadays. Heights Arts ’Emergent 2021 exhibition captures these emotions, through its showcase of budding, local artists. Each artists work beams with pride and hunger for what is next in their careers. Heights Arts long-running Ekphrastacy-Artists Talk […]