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community outreach

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community outreach at Parade the Circle

With the goal of engaging and enriching local residents and organizations, Heights Arts provides arts outreach at community events, outdoor festivals, and organizes collaborative community programs such as Community Partner Appreciation Nights (2018), Make Your Mark for the Arts (2014), Here and There, Now and Then (2015), and Pet Project (ongoing). See EVENTS for currently scheduled outreach activities.

Interested in being a community arts ambassador at neighborhood festivals? We are always looking for passionate volunteers to share our love for the arts! If you would like to commit your expertise in one of our programming areas of the Literary, Musical or Visual arts, see below to learn more about one of our Volunteer Community Teams.


Volunteer Community Teams

Heights Arts has a long history of inviting the community to share their passion and expertise to help the Organization develop and present its public programming. Three ongoing Volunteer Community Teams are charged with facilitating the strategies and action plans for Heights Arts core programming in three areas:


The purpose of Heights Arts’ community teams is to expand community engagement in developing and presenting the programs of the organization and to tap the significant expertise that resides in our community. We invite poets, musicians, artists, and other members of the community to work with us to select and showcase the region’s visual artists, poets and musicians in our literary, musical, and exhibition programming. Members of our community teams work together with staff over five-year terms, to select the Poet Laureate every two years, choose poets for our Ekphrastacy (artists talk and poets respond) series, the annual Haiku Death Match, musicians for our gallery series, and to curate and install our exhibitions.

To be clear, our Community Program Teams are not intended as a means for artists to showcase their own work, though sometimes team members who are artists do present work through Heights Arts. The exhibition community team in particular actively recruits working artists, so the issue will arise of how to handle situations where that artist’s work may be selected by the Team for an exhibition. In such cases, team members must recuse themselves from discussion of their own work under consideration.

In addition, team members should not profit financially through their participation in such exhibitions or other programming. We ask, if work is sold, that the team member donate back to Heights Arts an amount equal to or exceeding any profits earned on the work, after subtracting out-of-pocket costs.

In summary, Community Teams serve three main purposes:

  • Provide Staff with expertise in specific program areas of need.
  • Provide community members with opportunities for deeper engagement in Heights Arts programming.
  • Expand the reach of Heights Arts’ programming by leveraging Team member connections to identify new audience members, artists, musicians, poets, donors and members.


Terms begin September 1 through August 31 in accordance with Heights Arts’ Fiscal Year.

  • All Team members must affirm renewed commitment to serve as a Team member in June prior to the new fiscal year.
  • Terms are limited to five years, with current members serving an additional two years.
  • Terms may be extended based upon institutional need.

Please click on the community team of your area of interest above to learn more.

Creative Community Partnerships

Here at Heights Arts, partnership and community is what we are all about. We actively seek meaningful relationships with other organizations to strengthen the greater community. We are currently partnering with local animal welfare organizations through our Pet Project, and sharing membership benefits like store discounts with other organizations who share our mission to support artists. Who benefits? Everyone! We hope you agree and take advantage of the opportunities we provide.

Partners for Reciprocal Membership Store Discounts

BAYarts (Bay Village)

Valley Art Center (Chagrin Falls)

Now members from any of these organizations can enjoy a 10% discount on store purchases in any of the three stores, beginning November 3, 2017. Members can show their current membership card to receive the discount.

*Sales and return policies may differ depending upon the purchase location.
*Discount does not apply to exhibition purchases