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Self-taught wood worker, David Shafron crafts handmade objects that speak to the beauty of fine woodworking. The objects he chooses and is commissioned to craft are functional household and office items. He has his own online business under the name Darbynwoods where the breadth of work can be viewed, in addition to the Heights Arts Gallery and Store.

Shafron uses a variety of woods when crafting his pieces. Each art piece showcases the shaped wood unadulterated by dyes, stains, or paints, allowing the main focus to be the natural elegance of the wood. Shafron has proclaimed his reasoning behind this as, “Man could not do the job that nature has done.”

Shafron intends is work to be used during everyday tasks, adding an extra flare to moments that would otherwise go overlooked. His first piece that inspired him in making these beautiful objects was the headboard to his own bed. He and his wife couldn’t find any headboards that spoke to them, so Shafron took it upon himself to begin designing and crafting the household piece. It was then that he fell in love with the materials and processes of woodworking.

Shafron continues to work with individuals on fabricating custom designs that bring his fine woodworking to their homes, while meshing with the unique styles of their homes.

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