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Call for Poets – Ekphrastacy Series


About EKPHRASTACY: Artists Talk + Poets Respond

The Ekphrastacy literary program is a series of artist talks + poetry readings held regularly in the Heights Arts gallery (when possible), in conjunction with our special exhibitions. Cleveland-area writers are invited by the current Poet Laureate to view the installed artworks and respond with a poem. Four weeks after the exhibition opens, the artists talk about their work and the poets read their poems, often resulting in a surprising dialogue. Participating poets receive an honorarium of $150.00 for their participation and the commissioning of a minimum of two and no more than four works.

Deadlines and Dates:
Deadline for applications: December 31.
All events are on a Thursday evening starting at 7:00 and poets must arrive by 6:30.
To participate, Poets must:
  • Be available and agree to attend the corresponding opening for the event in which you are chosen to participate. This is a chance to see the work at the earliest opportunity and meet the artists. Poets will also be asked to attend a group meeting in the space after viewing the exhibition to coordinate who will be writing about which works. This will be coordinated with the current Poet Laureate.
  • Submit titles of poems 14 days prior to the Ekphrastacy event. Complete and submit final drafts of poems at least 7 days prior to the Ekphrastacy event.
  • Be a current Heights Arts Working Artist Member (starting at $35.00 per year). You do not have to be a member to apply, but participation as a paid poet is considered a member perk.
To Apply:

1. Attach a sample of your work, with a minimum of 3 poems and no more than 5 pages of poetry in a single file.

2. Document your background and experience in the art form. If your work has been published, please tell us where, and / or where you have previously performed.

3. Describe how you have been involved in other community arts events, if applicable (but not required)

4. OPTIONAL BUT ENCOURAGED: a You Tube or other electronic link to a video of you reading your work. This program involves performance before an audience. Willingness to read publicly is a must. We will provide coaching throughout the process of participating in Ekphrasctacy.

CALL for 2023 poets press release

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