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Evolution: Heights Arts 20th Anniversary Exhibition


Exhibition Dates:

July 10-August 23, 2020

Virtual Opening:

July 10, 7 pm


August 2020, Online


Appointments can be made in advance to see the artworks live.


Long story short: twenty years ago, a handful of Cleveland Heights residents got together and observed that many working artists and musicians, arts professionals, and avid patrons of the arts lived in the Heights area, yet there wasn’t a great community arts organization to celebrate that creative richness and make it more central to daily life here. Between January 2000 and that spring, the idea crystallized into the Heights Arts Collaborative, and by that summer the new nonprofit organization was programming outdoor music events in commercial districts, commissioning public art, and organizing pop-up exhibitions.

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, the Heights Arts exhibition community team (a group of volunteer artists and educators who plan and install the exhibitions) came up with the idea of an exhibition that would both reminisce the past and look forward to the future. Artists who had previously been included in Heights Arts exhibitions would show one work from the period during which they first exhibited, and one from right now.

Artists participating: Pam Argentieri (jewelry, metals); Kevin Busta (furniture/lamps); Tim Callaghan (painting gouache watercolor); Stephanie Craig (ceramics); Sarah Curry (painting printmaking); Sarah Kabot (cut paper assemblages); Lori Kella (color photography of artificial setups); Yuko Kimura (paper, fiber); David King (painting); Matthew Kolodziej (painting/collage and works on paper); Lynn Lofton (ceramics); Doug Meyer (furniture, metal); Brent Kee Young (glass); and Garie Waltzer (b&w photography).

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Photo Credit: Saturn V Resurrected by Lori Kella

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