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Bonnie Gordon

Bonnie Gordon studied painting and ceramics at Ohio University. After her studies in 1972, she put a studio in the basement of her house and began making pottery. She continues to work in clay as a means of expression.

Bonnie describes her work: “While much in my work has changed throughout the years, one important element that has remained is my focus on organic living forms. My once straight-forward wheel-thrown stoneware planters with appliquéd flowers evolved into porcelain vessels which are altered and incised after the throwing process. More colorful symbolic imagery has been incorporated into these pieces as my life has been altered again and again. These life changes have taken me to unexplored places in my soul; places rich with spirit, love, death, loss and growth. Nature’s seasons somehow mimic this continual dance of life and it is a dance of many colors.

Anywhere from six months to 3 years is spent working on a specific series of pieces. Many of these series overlap and merge together at varying times. As always, my forms represent the essence of life. The incised lines are the rhythms of nature and the soul.

My intention is to create an honest ceramic form, complete in both design and concept.”

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