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Close Encounters Concert: Trio TaPASi – In Twos and Threes

Sunday, June 1, 2014 at 3pm

Franz Schubert wrote one of his greatest masterpieces for an Arpeggione: a strange guitar-cello hybrid. Had he known how beautiful it would sound on a cello, he would surely have changed his mind. Johannes Brahms expressed his feelings of love and unencumbered joy so freely in his Violin Sonata in G Major that you’ll want to weep tears of joy. Finally, there is Mendelssohn, who, in his typical rush of passion and virtuosity, composed this tempestuous Trio in C-Minor.

The performers are Tanya Ell (cello, The Cleveland Orchestra), Isabel Trautwein (violin, The Cleveland Orchestra) and Juilliard-trained Patti Wolf (piano).

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