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EKPHRASTACY: Artists Talk + Poets Respond to Members Show 2020

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The Heights Arts Ekphrastacy literary program is a series of artist talks + poetry readings held regularly in the Heights Arts gallery, in conjunction with our special exhibitions. Cleveland-area writers are invited by the current Poet Laureate and Heights Writes Community Team to view the installed artworks and respond with a poem. Four weeks after the exhibition opens, the artists talk about their work and the poets read their poems, often resulting in a surprising dialogue. Participating poets receive an honorarium for their participation.

Ekphrastacy evenings—centered on recent exhibitions of photography, paintings, works on paper, sculpture, and mixed media—have been very popular, drawing large and enthusiastic audiences to the gallery.

This Ekphrastacy will feature work from the following artists and poets from the Members Show 2020:



2018-2020 Poet Laureate of Cleveland Heights, Damien McClendon

Fight for Life after F(l)ight for Life by Denise Ziganti – April 22, 2020

The color of our joy after Havana, Cuba, Old Quarter by Jeneen Hobby – May 18, 2020

Mind your business after Bird of Paradise by Tai Gomez-Curtain – June 8, 2020

Amanda Stovicek D’Alessandro

Invisible Storm after Black Horse by Jean Hoffman – April 15, 2020

Decorative Philosophy after Gotham Deluge by Tammy Green – May 12, 2020

Messages in a Bottle after Indigo Beach by Paula Blackman – June 2, 2020

Marion Starling Boyer

Train of Thought, Three a.m. after Train of Thought by Mona Kolesar – May 8, 2020

Three Letter Word for “Cool Looking” after Fly by Juli Edberg – May 26, 2020

Sunbeam on a Staircase after Sunbeam on a Staircase by Philip Bailin – June 5, 2020



Phillip Bailin, Sunbeam on a Staircase

Paula Blackman, Indigo Beach

Tai Gomez-Curtain, Bird of Paradise

Tammy Green, Gotham Deluge

Jeneen Hobby, Havana, Cuba, Old Quarter

Jean Hoffman, Black Horse

Mona Kolesar, Train of Thought

Denise Ziganti, F(I)ight for Life


To learn more about our current exhibition, Members Show 2020, Click Here.

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