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Ekphrastacy: Members Show 2020, “Gotham Deluge”

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Decorative Philosophy

by Amanda Stovicek D’Alessandro


Gotham Deluge

by Tammy Green


There’s something about a myth born in water

the carapace of calcium you call your body, open


under the wet sky and breathing bubbles.

When you washed ashore your face bore the red


like a birthmark, a cascade of split skin and salt.

The river always wants to tear the banks, the ocean


always calls to you by your name. You are heavy.

Every canyon is a place to rest, carve your space


out of earth, struggle against the slow erosion–

call it home. Imagine how the earth came up in right angles


excising basalt and heat, breath from the center

of the world. You cover yourself in dirt and pray


for perfect shapes in the wild because distortion is

the opposite of salt–it’s the flood, the deluge

cleaving the land to soft edges.


Tammy Green, Artist:

My name is Tammy Green and I am a self-taught abstract artist.

I was influenced by art at a very early age. I took a trip  with my Uncle to

Swingo’s Lounge (a jazz club) in downtown Cleveland.

I fell in love with jazz and the feeling it resonated. It has an abstract sound which

lacks boundaries.

Years later, I heard a jazz song from long ago. (Until the Rain) by

Michael Henderson, which made me wonder, how would jazz look on canvas?

I pulled out my canvas, replayed the song and began to make my mistakes on

canvas, which became Gotham Deluge, my first painting.

My work is acrylic on canvas large and small, mixed media and photography.

Heights Arts is my first group gallery show.


Amanda Stovicek D’Alessandro, Poet: Amanda Stovicek D’Alessandro is a poet from Northeast Ohio made of star stuff. Her work has appeared in or is forthcoming from Gordon Square Review, sidereal magazine, BARNHOUSE, Nice Cage, and others. Her debut micro-chapbook, SPACE SPECTACULAR, was published by Ghost City Press in the 2018 Summer Series. You can find her at https://amstovicek.com/.



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