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Here and There, Now and Then

A collaborative exhibition at the Mandel JCC

June 15 through August 2, 2015

Where did we come from? It’s one of the perennial questions that we ask as children, then again as adults seeking to understand our past. Here and There, Now and Then, opening June 15 at the JCC, is a collaborative, interactive art project between Heights Arts, Lake Erie Ink and the Mandel Jewish Community Center which addresses this question by gathering written and visual stories about how people got to Cleveland: where their parents and grandparents started out, and what brought them from that place, then, to this place, now.

A Heights Arts facilitator and staff from Lake Erie Ink will work with community groups of all ages and the general public to gather stories and images about heritage and family history. All are invited to contribute to the project individually, or during art & writing workshops in June and July at the JCC or within the Heights community. Join Heights Arts for a kick-off community workshop on Monday, June 15 from 5-8 p.m. at the JCC. Keep visiting our website for the most current list of public workshops!

Participants will be given a variety of prompts to choose from; all asking questions that elicit a personal narrative relating to family history. Creative writing, poetry, prose) and illustration (in a variety of mediums) will be made and collected and participants will place pins on a map corresponding to where their family/work they’ve created is from. Creative works will be compiled into a book at the end of the summer. A closing celebration will be held Sunday, August 2 from 5-8 p.m.

Community participation

Individuals can contribute art or writing to Here and There, Now and Then by picking up a participation form at Heights Arts, 2175 Lee Rd, Cleveland Heights, at the Mandel JCC, 26001 S Woodland Rd, Beachwood, or by downloading a form below. Free art & writing workshops may be scheduled for community and school groups, age 3+, by contacting Heights Arts at 216-371-3457. All materials are provided.


  1. Here and There, Now and Then project description, with prompts for writing and drawing
    Project description form
  2. Here and There, Now and Then participation form
    Consent Release
    Print double-sided and use blank side for creation of your written or visual story
Here and There, Now and Then is generously supported by a grant from the Mandel Foundation
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