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Heights Arts Supports a NO vote for issue 9

Learn more about why Heights Arts supports a NO VOTE for the upcoming ballot issue in May. In this issue, Cleveland Heights voters will vote yes or no for the proposed park ordinance. The ballot language is simple:  “Shall the proposed ordinance requiring the City to create a public activity park on the 1.07 acres of City owned land at the corner of Lee Road, Tullamore Road and Meadowbrook Boulevard be adopted?”

By voting NO, you will be saying YES to the proposed development which will, in part:

  • Provide more housing options to attract new residents who will broaden our tax base
  • Bring badly needed support for local businesses (including Heights Arts) that you know and love, which have been devastated by the pandemic
  • Unify our  business district and create a more vibrant “downtown” for Cleveland Heights
  • Provide 2.3 acres of planned green space, both public and private for residents to enjoy

CLICK HERE for important responses from the City of Cleveland Heights about the CLM development.

CLICK HERE for information about the Wednesday, April 6 forum on this topic from the League of Women Voters at Heights Libraries. 

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